Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing – Exactly what Businesses can Reap from Mobile Marketing Marketing and marketing have truly developed for many years. We have actually accepted advertisements on the tv, radio as well as in print media for more than a years.

The advent of the Web has paved the method to brand-new marketing projects, one of them being a mobile marketing. Because mobile gadgets are the hype today, there is no rejecting that mobile marketing is here to remain as more affordable method of marketing one’s business.Almost all of us have a mobile gadget or 2.

We typically have our phones and other cordless mobile devices with us on an everyday basis. This is a great chance for businesses to make the most of mobile marketing. There are crucial advantages company owner can enjoy and enjoy.Here are some examples that would get you motivated to take notice of mobile marketing.Immediacy.

As a company owner or marketer, one thing you will enjoy about mobile marketing is its immediate reach to your potential customers and clients. There is an assurance that they will have the ability to get the ads or the message within seconds in their mobile devices.

For instance, sending an SMS message to your recipient is fast. This corresponds to your consumers getting your message much faster than a blink of an eye, not to discuss developing a mobile campaign is easy.Cost reliable. Marketing has actually never been this cheap. Standard modes of marketing need a company owner to invest thousands of dollars simply to produce a couple of seconds of radio or TELEVISION commercials.

The quantity of cash that opts for the printing of brochures, tarpaulins and the like is most likely within the thousands. With mobile marketing, there is no have to pay out this much. Mobile marketing requires you to invest a portion of exactly what you would invest in standard marketing projects. You ‘d end up conserving cash while maximising a possible worldwide marketing scheme.Higher reach.

Billions of people around the world have a mobile device or 2. This likewise indicates that you could be able to reach out to those people within a single mobile marketing campaign. An effective mobile marketing project will allow services to be able to reach out to millions of customers in a blink of an eye at a portion of exactly what they would spend for advertising.

Why limit your marketing project to simply around the area when you can connect to potential consumers from all over the world?There are still other crucial advantages you can take pleasure in if you move your marketing efforts to mobile marketing. With the right campaign and innovation applied, your success is guaranteed.

Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Building A Reputation in the Executive Interim Management Field

As any executive interim manager knows, when you’re operating your own business, “reputation is everything” and an executive interim manager is only as good as their last assignments and the references and referrals that can be obtained from them.

A pointed remark or two from a client to either an interim management agency or another prospective client can mean the difference between being in demand or “on the beach”. Ethical standards are an extremely important component of an executive interim manager’s reputation, and whilst all of us would have no

situation in agreeing about certain practices which would not be ethical, there are certain issues that to one person would be questionable, yet to others wouldn’t.

Take for example post tender price negotiations after sealed bids have been invited with the implication that such bids would be final. In some organisations, such practices are applauded for delivering greater value, yet in others, the same approach attracts immediate condemnation.
What about invitations to tender where new suppliers are encouraged to participate but with the sole intention of negotiating a price reduction with the incumbent: the harsh realities of a commercial market; or as some see it, a questionable practice?

In some areas, there will always be different views about what’s appropriate and what’s inappropriate behaviour, but particularly because the executive interim management community is a small one, the knock-on effects of an executive interim manager’s reputation and indeed an interim management service provider’s reputation can be amplified considerably.

That’s why Executive Interims – Supply Chain Practice puts a great deal of emphasis on the quality of its reputation, and that of its executive interim managers; so much so that we have turned down business rather than risk our reputation.

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Google Fred Update – Do Not Loose Business

Google Fred Update

Google Fred Update

The Google Fred Update

Google has confirmed on the 24th March 2017 that they released a large update to their search algorithm. We are not talking about the minor changes that Google is making every day (on average 3 changes per day).

The new release is called Google Fred Update which we first spotted rolling out early morning on March 8th seems to be fairly big. After reviewing well over 70 sites that were hit by this update, 95% of them share two things in common. The sites all seem content driven, either blog formats or other content like sites and they all are pretty heavy on their ad placement.

The sites that got hit also saw 50% or higher drops in Google organic traffic overnight. I had them almost all of them share analytics screenshots with me to prove it. So this was a huge drop, in some cases up to 90% of their traffic was gone over night. I.e. From being in position one on page one, dropping all the way to page three or more!!

Here is one such screen shot of a site’s Google Analytics showing the drop. I’ve seen many that show 50% to 90% drops in their organic Google traffic:

Most of the webmasters that shared their URLs with me asked me not to share them publicly. But the truth is, there are plenty who shared their URLs publicly and I can use those as a reference below.

Like I said, I will only share the public URLs here but I promise you, 95% of all the samples I received (both private and public), matched this overall theme – content sites that have many ads and are created for the purpose of generating revenue over solving a user problem.

In fact, some of these webmasters who reported huge recoveries told me they removed their ads. So, I am thinking Fred is not new but rather was turned up big time and more sites were hit by it than ever before. Maybe some of the previous unnamed updates, maybe the Phantom updates were smaller versions of this Fred update or maybe not – but to have sites recover big time, that means something previous hit them.

Here are public sample sites that were potentially hit by Fred. Note, not all meet the “purpose is to generate ad revenue over help users” type of form, but I think many of them do. Feel free to argue because the list below may be tainted by the private URLs sent to me that I cannot share:


Again, I have dozens and dozens of private examples and 95% of those examples all fit the same pattern above. I should add that there are cases of sites listed above and sent to me privately that I do not think to deserve to be hit by this algorithm and I suspect Google will tweak the algorithm to get better, like when my own site was hit by Panda update.

Google has NOT confirmed any of this but there is no question that this is a new type of algorithm update that aims at ad heavy, low-value content created with the purpose of generating ad revenue.

I hope you found this article helpful.



Social Fusion SEO presents the Google Fred Update